M400 Plug-In ECU Kit: Snowmobile - Obsolete

OBSOLETE: M400m is no longer for sale

MoTeC Snowmobile Plug-In ECUs are fully programmable, direct replacements for factory ECUs on a select number of popular snowmobile models, based around the M400 Marine ECU. 

Complete with a wiring loom and mounting brackets, Snowmobile Plug-Ins are convenient and cost effective to install because they eliminate the need to rewire the sled. They simply plug into the factory wiring harness using the original sensors and fuel system.


Currently there are Plug-In solutions available for the following sleds:



Apex 2006-10, RTX, RTX ER, GT, ER, LTX, LTX GT and MTX


2009-Current, MXZ, MXZ-X, Renagade, Renagade X, GSX

Please supply all snowmobile details to your dealer, who will be able to order the right model Snowmobile Plug-In ECU for your sled. 

Basic Specifications


  • 4 x Injector outputs—high or low ohm

  • 4 x Ignition outputs

  • 8 x Auxiliary outputs—for functions such as drive by wire throttle, boost control, nitrous injection, idle speed stepper motor and many more


  • 8 x Analogue voltage inputs—fully configurable, use for e.g.: 
    • throttle position
    • manifold pressure
    • exhaust temperature
    • steering position
    • lateral G force
  • 6 x Analogue temperature inputs—fully configurable, use for e.g.:
    • multiple configuration maps
    • extra air or water temperature
  • 1 x Wideband Lambda input—for Lambda measurement and control

  • 4 x Digital/speed inputs—for use with OEM factory buttons and function activation e.g. launch control, anti lag and dual RPM limit


  • 1 x CAN

  • 1 x RS232—for use with GPS
    A 5 Hz MoTeC GPS-G1 can be wired direct to the M400 for logging of accurate speed and position.


  • Case size 147 x 105 x 40 mm
  • Weight 900 gram
  • 1 x 34 pin and 1 x 26 pin waterproof connector with gold plated contacts



Engine Management > Hundred Series/M84
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