M400 Plug-In ECU Kit: Snowmobile - Obsolete

OBSOLETE: M400m is no longer for sale


After extensive research and development, MoTeC have released plug in systems for two of the the most popular 4 stroke snowmobiles. The Yamaha Apex and Skidoo 1200 were tested on MoTeC’s Australian engine dyno facility. Base calibration files were created for the naturally aspirated engines, before a turbo was fitted to the Apex engine with surprising results. Similarly a lower compression turbo Skidoo engine produced equally exciting results when pushed to its limits.
The engines were then ready for real world fine tuning of cold start strategies and transient calibration by MoTeC dealer and expert tuner Martin Filfe from Precision Sports Quebec , Canada. He spent countless hours refining the resultant high standard base start file. Martins own Apex was the first to be tested on snow.
He recalls that first outing,

“We picked up an amazing 9 MPH with just the addition of the plug in kit, the mid range was noticeably improved. The results on the snow felt better than what the dyno “down under” had shown, I felt it was a good reward for the relatively simple task that it took to fit the kit. These outstanding results confirmed the next step was to move to a turbo setup, which is now a reality on the stock compression engine now running 270hp at 12psi on US premium pump gas.”

Recent testing on a Track Dyno have showed similar good results for the Turbo Skidoo 4 TEC engine. The Skidoo’s owner is also notably impressed, with 100+ more horse power than last season at similar boost levels.

It’s clear to see that the next level of technology is here.


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