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Direct Injection

In a direct injection engine, fuel is injected into the combustion chamber as opposed to injection in the intake manifold before the intake valve.

DI engines allow manufacturers to produce more power and better emissions from smaller engines.

Most European cars from 2005 on were DI with the majority of Manufacturers world wide now offering it in most of their product range.

How do I know if my car is DI?

Some of the more common Model acronyms used by manufacturers to illustrate the on board DI technology are listed below:

  • GDI – Mitsubishi
  • FSI – or TFSI Audi, VW
  • SCi - Ford/Mazda
  • DISI - Mazda
  • SIDI - General Motors
  • CGI – BMW

If unsure consult your local vehicles dealer.

If my car is DI can I convert it to Port Fuel Injection PFI?

Yes this is possible and many racers utilise both by using half the ECU to run the factory DI injectors and the other half to run manifold based port injectors.

Can I convert my PFI engine to DI?

Generally not successfully, a DI engine is different in its construction both to accept the DI injectors and the shape of the piston/combustion chamber and inlet ports to guide the airflow appropriately.