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Traction Control

With Traction Control the tuner is able to adjust the amount of wheel spin the ECU will allow for maximizing traction.  The tuner will be able to set the function to their own requirements so that the ECU cuts fuel or ignition or reduces the position of an electronic throttle body to reduce the power of the engine in the event of too much wheel spin.

Do I need Traction Control?

All high powered cars can benefit from Traction Control especially if they are used on many tracks with varying surface conditions and weather conditions.  Traction control can make the car faster and more consistent in tricky conditions reducing the risk of the driver spinning off the track.

Launch Control

Launch Control is similar to Traction Control but is specific to the initial launch phase of the race, generally through first gear.  As the initial launch may require a higher level of wheel spin than Traction Control will allow this phase of the race has its own dedicated function. 

For Launching the tuner will be able to adjust the engine speed (RPM) in relation to the ground speed to get the car off the line as quickly and consistently as possible.

Do I need Launch Control?

If your racing relies on getting off the start line as quickly as possible the answer is definitely yes.  One of the main reasons for using launch control is consistency.  Most drivers can get a great launch but not every time and under pressure, the ECU will do exactly the same thing every time.


Everyone has heard the rally cars on TV popping and banging through the forest, they use Anti-Lag.  The Anti-Lag function is designed to keep the turbo making boost even when the driver lifts the throttle.  The Anti-lag function allows the ECU to modify the fuel, ignition and airflow to keep the turbo spinning.  The tuner can tailor the aggressiveness of the Anti-Lag function for different boost levels if needed.

Do I need Anti-lag?

If turbo lag after a throttle lift or gear change is effecting your race times then yes.  Anti-lag will maintain turbo speed when you do not need the power so that when you do need it again it is all there and you are not left waiting.

Flat Shift

The Flat Shift function will momentarily cut the engines power when the driver wants to shift gears but does not want to use the clutch or lift the throttle.  With the drop in engine power the driver can move the gearbox into the next higher gear faster.  Once the change has happened the power is restored extremely quickly. 

Do I need Flat Shift?

If you have a dog engagement gearbox this is the fastest way to shift especially with sequential gearboxes.  The driver now only has to concentrate on moving the gear lever and not co-ordinating the throttle lift and clutch pedal all at the same time.