Sea-Doo Plug-In Kit

  • Improved RPM limiting allows for higher top speed in rough water
  • Programmable Launch Control to reduce cavitation
  • Tunable fuel and ignition mapping for performance improvements
  • Integrated fully tuneable DSP Knock Control on individual cylinders
  • Boost Control for Turbo wastegates
  • Anti-Lag Control for Turbo systems with Ignition Timing, Fuel Compensation, Engine Speed Limit, and Boost Aim tables
  • Anti-Cavitation timer system with Throttle Aim and Ignition Retard tables
  • Dual Tuning Maps - Fuel, Ignition, Boost Aim, Throttle Translation, Engine Speed Limit switchable by Engine Mode (A/B) Switch
  • Race Time system with Compensation tables for Ignition Timing, Fuel Aim, Boost Aim, and Throttle Lever
  • Auxiliary Timer system with Compensation tables for Ignition Timing, Fuel Volume, and Fuel Aim
  • Engine Load Average channel with Engine Speed Limit table and Compensation tables for Ignition Timing, Fuel Aim, Boost Aim, and Throttle Lever
  • Cruise Assist mode for iBR models allows for speed to be held
  • No Wake mode for speed-limited marine zones
  • Engine Run Time Total for engine hour logging
  • Configurable Security for multiple users with differing access options
  • GPS receive configurable via CAN through MoTeC Serial-to-CAN (STC) device for speed and track mapping
  • Optional exhaust lambda input via MoTeC Lambda-to-CAN (LTC) or Professional Lambda Meter (PLM) for fuel tuning
  • Level 1 logging included in standard package price (predefined channels at up to 10Hz for diagnostic analysis)
  • Level 2 logging available as an upgrade (up to 200 configurable channels at up to 200Hz, 120MB)
  • Standard CAN transmit for MoTeC Dash devices (ADL3, SDL3, CDL3)
  • Optional inputs for additional sensors, including:
    • Airbox Temperature
    • Boost Pressure
    • Engine Oil Temperature
    • Engine Oil Pressure
    • Exhaust Collector Temperature (EGT) via TCA Thermocouple Amplifier
    • Exhaust Temperatures for Cylinders 1, 2 and 3 via TCA Thermocouple Amplifiers
    • Fuel Temperature
    • Fuel Level
    • Jet Nozzle Pressure
    • Jet Nozzle Angle
    • Jet Intake Pressure
    • Jet Trim Sensor
    • Trim Switch - allows for Fuel, Ignition, or Launch adjustments
    • G-Force (acceleration) - Longitudinal, Lateral, Vertical
    • Ambient Water Temperature
  • 4 Optional Outputs for PWM Control of added actuators:
    • Duty Cycle tables using Engine Speed and Throttle or Manifold Pressure Axes
    • Activation based on Inlet Manifold Pressure or Throttle Position
    • Aux Output 1 includes Compensation tables for Ignition Timing, Fuel Volume, and Fuel Mixture Aim

For a full list of features see the Data Sheet


Sea-Doo RXT-X models from 2010 onward differ from the 2004-2009 models as they use Electronic Throttle Control (Drive-by-Wire) and offer brake and suspension options.

MoTeC provides Adaptor Looms with the two MoTeC PWC Kits for the M400 family of ECUs; these are not interchangeable. Likewise, the M130 Adaptor Loom is not interchangeable with either of the 2004-2009 Adaptor Looms.