Toyota Hilux 1KD 2012 Plug-In Kit



  • Control of a throttle valve is also supported. This throttle valve can be used to assist engine shutdown or reduce power during Engine Overrun.  
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation control via a servo motor, solenoid or stepper motor actuator. The EGR amount applied can be varied with Engine Speed and Fuel Mass. Compensations for Air Temperature, Coolant Temperature, and Ambient Pressure can also be applied.
    A Start Off EGR compensation can also be used to avoid soot formation when the vehicle takes off. Separate EGR aims can be used for Overrun and Gear Shifts. The Throttle Servo or a Flap Actuator (EGR Cooler) can also be controlled during EGR requests.  
  • Glow Plug control system that includes independent strategies to control the glow plugs pre-cranking, during cranking and post cranking. Each phase has tuneable compensations for Coolant Temperature and Battery Voltage.  
  • Ignition outputs are available for each cylinder to check the timing of the fuel injection.  
  • Advanced LTC Enable functionality to ensure safe operation of Lambda sensors. Note: As the Vehicle CAN bus operates at 500kbit/sec, LTC devices must be configured to operate at this speed before they are installed on this kit.

For a full list of features download
the Datasheet