Colour Display Smarts


The C1 Series device is now ready to use. From here there are new features that you can customise to get the most from your C1 Series Display.

New layouts and colours

Choose from 10 different screen layouts with 16 different colour combinations, including:

  • Circular bar graph for a clear RPM indication at a glance

  • Smooth dial gauges

  • Arched bar graphs for a stylish RPM display

  • Wide flat bar to make the most of screen space

  • Thin flat bar for a dedicated run up screen with all of the values at a glance.

With a simple point and click interface, the display can be just what you need.

Display Creator

If the range of supplied layouts isn’t enough, then the Display Creator enable is for you. Display creator allows the full customisation of screens and channels without compromise. The types of features that can be designed with Display Creator include:

  • High resolution splash and idle screens

  • Numerous custom screens to suit every application

  • Sponsor colour schemes and logos

  • Custom dials, gauges and bars

  • High res images to show information to drivers (such as failure locations in rally cars)

  • Readable repair manual excerpts for long distance motorsport

  • Sophisticated screen simulator to see what the driver sees

  • Live driver display simulation from Telemetry