Colour Display Smarts


MoTeC’s C1 Series Displays contain a comprehensive lap timing system that gives drivers all the information about their lap, without complex setup requirements.

The default lap timing method used with C1 Series Displays is GPS. This method is very accurate (with an average variance to track timing of 0.0088s) and as such is suitable for most applications. Install the GPS as per the install notes included with the GPS hardware.

*Note it is recommended that a GPS is installed on the roof or highest point of a vehicle, even though it may work in other areas.

Features of the MoTeC lap timing system:

Automatic update of GPS lap co-ordinates

  • No need to manually insert GPS locations into the display. As you go from track to track, the dash selects the right co-ordinates automatically.

NEW - Hands free fastest lap updating

  • Fastest laps in the C Series Displays are used to show drivers their fastest lap time as well as provide a base for the Gain/Loss display. When the driver goes quicker than their fastest lap time, the C Series Display automatically updates the fastest lap time value, and the Gain/Loss base updates to this new mark.

Fastest Lap Reset (Hold Alarm Acknowledge for 4 seconds)

  • To make the most of the new Hands Free fastest lap updating feature a driver can choose to:

  • Make fastest lap time apply to this session only

  • Keep the fastest lap time from the last session

  • Manually load a fast lap time from a previous session

    • If alarm reset is held for 4 seconds, the currently held fastest lap time is set to 0, and it is automatically updated to a new value as the first lap time is completed.