The GPA-DI Package is a versatile and adaptable platform for the operation of direct injected engines up to twelve cylinders (hardware dependent) that use inductive direct injectors and synchronous direct injection fuel pumps, such as Bosch HDP5 or Hitachi HFS034.

This Package is designed for automotive aftermarket applications.

Attention: For race applications, refer to the GPR-DI Package (part number 23008).

MoTeC's GPADI includes:

Numerous ancillary features, such as:

  • Driver switches
  • Knock control
  • Intercooler sprays, and
  • Gearbox coolant pumps.

It also caters for many systems found on road vehicles, such as air conditioning control.

The product provides pre-defined CAN messaging for full integration with other MoTeC products like MoTeC Dash Loggers, E888, V2 , PDM , SLM and more.

what's in the box


  • MoTeC M1 ECU
  • Enable for the MoTeC M1 ECU
  • Firmware Licence (for the GPADI Package)
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The Package is available across MoTeC's M1 direct injection ECU range:

  • GPADI-M182 (up to 12 cylinders): Part# 13182AH
  • GPADI-M142 (up to 8 cylinders): Part# 13142AG
  • GPADI-M122 (up to 4 cylinders): Part# 13122AA

Vehicle Compatibility

This product is a general purpose Package for engine control and does not include CAN messaging for OE vehicle systems such as power steering, ABS, starting systems and dashboards.