GPR Drag


Tailored for Drag

MoTeC's GPR Drag Package is based on the GPR Package, with additional features and improvements specifically for drag applications, including:

  • Additional Vehicle Speed and Race Time conditions on auxiliary outputs
  • Auxiliary output fuel and ignition trims
  • Boost Servo system - utilise a servo motor to control a wastegate, or use an additional throttle servo to bleed boost air from the compressor. This can assist with compressor surge, act as a blow off valve or control boost with higher response.
  • Clutch position threshold for Launch condition - can be updated with a switch, for drag vehicles with a clutch and critical ‘bite’ position.
  • Improved tuning resolution for highly tuned engines
  • Improved sensor and calculation resolution critical to drag racing
  • Individual cylinder fuel trim for respective exhaust temperature
  • Warnings with engine speed and throttle limits for Primary and Secondary Injector Duty Cycle
  • Support for automatic transmission gear detection and converter slip monitoring
  • Gear Output Shaft Speed fuel and ignition trims, plus throttle and boost limits.
  • Closed Loop Control of engine torque by changing the ignition timing. Used for Traction Control and Launch Control. By varying ignition timing rather than cutting ignition events, turbo lag on large turbos is reduced.
  • Improved Launch Control for more vehicle configurations - faster boost building, multi step staging, nitrous integration and traction control integration.
  • Improved Nitrous Control - bottle pressure warning and additional conditions for use during launch control and time after launch.
  • Improved Race Time triggering strategy - more configurable, false start detection and reset, and integration with traction control for acceleration limiting.
  • Improved Traction Control using ignition timing control. Wheel speed or engine speed based limiting for use with automatic transmissions.
  • Shift Light Output
  • Additional sensor inputs:
    • Suspension Position x 4, logging at 1000Hz (with optional Level 3 logging)
    • Transmission Temperature x 2
    • Transmission Pressure x 2
    • Tyre Pressure x 4
    • Tyre Temperature x 4
    • Wheelie Bar Pressure x 2
  • Transmission brake control with improved 'bump' functionality (pulse or PWM modes) for perfect vehicle staging.
  • Vehicle Speed based fuel and ignition trims and throttle limit.
  • Vehicle Speed Estimate calculation utilising wheel speeds, GPS speed and time based speed after launch. Different modes of estimation for various vehicle setups.
  • Wastegate pressure control by CO2 style dual solenoids and pressure feedback
  • Live adjustment for tyre growth with speed