GPR Rotary



The GPR-Rotary Package is based on MoTeC’s GPR Package with the addition of the following rotary engine-specific features:

  • Operates port injected rotary engines from 1 to 4 rotors.

  • Configurable engine synchronisation modes for common rotary engines. Refer to the Engine Speed Modes section for details.

  • Configurable leading and trailing ignition outputs for each rotor. The trailing ignition timing can be defined as either an angle relative to the leading ignition (i.e. split angle) or TDC.

  • Configurable on-board knock detection for each rotor with up to two assignable knock sensors and 4 selectable centre frequencies.
  • Control of up to three injectors per rotor with user definable tables to control the fuel contribution of each injector.
  • Coolant and engine oil temperature compensations for engine speed limiting, ignition timing, fuel volume and boost limiting.
  • Supports control of a Sequential Shutter Valve with fuel injector integration as found on the Mazda RX8.
  • Supports control of VFAD, VDI and APV inlet manifold valves found on Mazda rotaries.
  • Diagnostic checking of SSV, VFAD, VDI and APV valves via feedback position sensors.
  • User configurable engine efficiency table with adjustments based on the state of the SSV, VFAD, VDI and APV valves.
  • Supports control of a stepper motor-based Metering Oil Pump. This includes diagnostics and a warning system to detect if there is a failure of the components.
  • Supports dual speed cooling fans via three relay outputs, as found on Mazda rotaries.
  • Cruise Control for DBW equipped vehicles.
  • CAN Integration, for the Mazda RX8, to enable the operation of the power steering, transmission and ABS. Wheel speeds, steering angle, fuel tank level, tyre pressure monitoring and park brake data are also received from the CAN bus for use in the ECU.
Download the GPR Rotary Datasheet