TABS-M1 Overview

Whether you are new to MoTeC or are accustomed to our older ECUs, learning M1 terminology and becoming familiar with these definitions will help you get to know our M1 ECUs:

M1 Package:

An M1 Package is the file that is loaded into an M1 ECU. An M1 Package contains the entire ECU state including the tuning data, Worksheets, security and the M1 Firmware. M1 Packages themselves are opened and modified in M1 Tune.

M1 Build Project:

An M1 Build Project is the complete source-level definition which is compiled using M1 Build into an M1 Package. A Project defines the M1 ECU functionality, and is designed within the M1 Build application.

M1 Firmware:

M1 Firmware is the ECU operating code which is generated by M1 Build by compiling an M1 Build Project. This is distinct from an M1 Package, as it does not contain the tuning data or Worksheets. A firmware can be loaded into an ECU that has a matching Firmware Licence.

ECU Licence:

An ECU Licence is the file that is loaded into an M1 ECU that contains one or more Firmware Licence(s) and ECU Options such as logging. The Firmware Licences contained within the ECU Licence control which M1 Firmware can be loaded into the ECU. An ECU can be limited to allow the loading of one M1 Firmware only, or multiple depending on the ECU Licence contents.

M1 Build Key:

This is issued to M1 developers at the time of purchasing the M1 ECU and Development Licence. It is used as a security measure to ensure that a developer’s firmware can only be loaded into an ECU with the matching M1 Development Licence.

M1 Development Licence:

This is the Licence that turns an M1 ECU into a Development ECU. The M1 Development Licence is installed into an M1 ECU at the time of purchase and allows the loading of firmwares built with the matching M1 Build Key.

Development ECU:

This is an M1 ECU that contains an M1 Development Licence. The particular model of hardware is selectable.

Tuning Data:

In the M1 environment, the tuning and calibration information used within an M1 Package is considered to be the Tuning Data. When a Package is first built, all of this data is left blank. To populate the tables and parameters, these values can be migrated from an existing Package or filled in one item at a time using M1 Tune.

M1 Package Archive:

This is the distribution file which is used for all M1 Packages, either through the website or for passing Packages from one PC to another. A Package Archive is a self-extracting file which is unpacked by an installed version of Tune, into the correct directory, without the end user needing to know the directory structure or naming systems.

M1 Public Package:

This is a Package developed in-house by MoTeC engineers for a particular application. It is visible to all on MoTeC Online, and may be installed in an M1 ECU with a matching Licence, which may be purchased via a dealer through MoTeC Online. MoTeC support staff can offer comprehensive assistance for these products.

M1 Beta Package:

This is either a pre-release version of a new Package, or a pre-release update of an existing Package. In either case it is available to logged-in users, but may not have complete help or all features implemented. It is made available without obligation, and will not be supported by MoTeC support staff until publicly released.

M1 Partner Package:

This is a Package developed by an M1 Developer using an M1 Build Key and an M1 Development ECU. It may be based on a Public Package with unique features added by the developer to offer a specific solution.

A Partner Package is visible in MoTeC Online only to the partner, after login. They can purchase a Licence for each ECU and sell this on to their customers. MoTeC support staff will not provide assistance for these Packages, it must be provided by the Partner.