Partner Program



Anyone can now make M1 ECUs part of their business by developing their own personalised firmware and onselling this to customers as a Partner Package.

Partner Packages are created using an M1 Development ECU and M1 Build. Following an approval process, these packages can be loaded into M1 ECU hardware for sale to other customers. MoTeC lists Partner Packages on our website, however the sale of these packages and their associated hardware is the responsibility of the Developer.

The process to get a Partner Package from idea to sale is as follows:

  1. Talk to MoTeC to see if there is already a package available to suit your needs.
    • Often it isn’t worthwhile to reinvent the wheel, but even if there is a package already, we won’t stop you doing it your way.
  2. Discuss with MoTeC a price for your firmware and hardware, given your detailed specifications.
    • All Partner Packages are individually priced to specifically suit your application. See Pricing Guidelines to see how we price Partner Packages.
  3. Use your own Development ECU to build the customised package in M1 Build.
    • If you do not have your own Development ECU, you can purchase this from MoTeC or work with a Developer or Dealer using their Development ECU.

    • All Partner Package development must be completed using a Development ECU.

    • It is highly recommended that Developers base their Package on one of the many sample M1 Projects available via MoTeC Online.

  4. Test your package with the Development ECU in the intended application.
    • Test and modify the package using the Development ECU until the package is ready for general sale.
  5. Submit the completed package and associated customer documentation to MoTeC.
    • MoTeC need only see the compiled package, not the Project (code). The Project itself remains the property of the Developer, and is never submitted to MoTeC.
    • MoTeC will check that the finished package matches the agreed specification.
  6. MoTeC will create a Licence and part number for your Partner Package.
    • The part number is associated with the Developer that submitted the package. As such, they are the only ones who can sell an ECU with that package in it.
  7. The Developer can then purchase ECUs and Package Licences using this unique part number and price to onsell to customers.
  8. The Developer will need to load their licence and package into the ECU, and send it onto the customer.

Please note:

  • The only person who can purchase the finished part number is the package submitter.

  • If a Partner Package needs to be modified after this process it must be re-submitted to MoTeC for checking, along with a description of the changes. There is a one off fee each time a Partner Package is updated to cover the cost of checking and rebuilding the Package.

  • If additional features are added to a Partner Package during a re-submit, then the price of the Package may have to be re-negotiated.

  • Customer Support must be provided by the package Developer.