MoTeC's M1 Development ECU gives you complete control.

Do you want to develop your own control strategies or customise an existing M1 Package? Do you need a special feature written for your application? Or maybe you want to develop your own targeted M1 Packages and on-sell MoTeC ECUs to others around the world?

MoTeC's M1 Development ECU is the solution, allowing customers to step outside the limits of off-the-shelf engine management and create custom firmware using M1 Build.

If you are experienced at writing code you may be able to do it yourself, or you can engage the services of an expert to do it for you.

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What is required To create custom m1 firmware:

  • An M1 ECU - Any model can become an M1 Development ECU when the M1 Development Licence is loaded. This can be purchased from your dealer.

  • M1 Development Licence - A Licence that enables the ECU to accept firmware from a matching Build Licence. This can be purchased from your dealer.

  • M1 Build Key - This is generated automatically and ensures that firmware compiled by a Developer matches their M1 Development Licence. There is no charge for this.

  • M1 Build Software - A powerful tool to customise an M1 Project then compile into an M1 Package. This software assumes reasonable knowledge of code writing; MoTeC does not offer training in this field. There is no charge for this software.

This combination of hardware, software and licencing provides the flexibility for developers to create unique and powerful strategies while ensuring the protection of their intellectual property and securing against the unauthorised use of firmware.