T2 Telemetry



  • ACL, ADL3 or C185 with T2 function upgrade enabled
  • Serial radio or GSM modem for RS232 communication to the PC
  • Hardware for the existing MoTeC telemetry system is also supported



  • Operating systems – Windows Vista or later
    Note: Windows XP is not supported
  • Minimum screen resolution – 1366x768
  • Recommended screen resolution – 1600x1200 or greater
  • Internet Explorer version 8 or higher
  • Communications Port – Ethernet Port
  • Communications Protocol – IPv6
  • Communications Port – Serial Com Port (RS232)
    Note: If no serial port is available a Serial to USB device can be used

Other Requirements

  • Administrative privileges are required for installation of the software
  • Any active firewalls may need to be updated to allow inbound and outbound traffic