MoTeC provides solutions to connect the device to the PC's parallel (printer) port or USB port. For most devices the USB port is preferable, however some older devices have to be connected to the PC's parallel (printer) port, see below for details.

Communication hardware and device wiring to connect MoTeC products with a CAN port to the PC.

Applicable MoTeC Products

  • M400, M600, M800, M880, Plug-In ECUs
  • PDM16, PDM32, PDM15, PDM30
  • BR2, DBW4
  • SDC, SDC2, SDC3, MDC, MDC2
  • RTC
  • LTC
  • ADL, EDL


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Connecting to the PC: USB Port

The MoTeC UTC adapts the USB to CAN and includes a USB-A to USB-B extension cable





Part No:

USB to CAN adapter
(includes USB cable)

Software Requirements for UTC Compatibility

  • M400, M600, M800, M880 - V2.30S or later

  • PDM16, PDM32, PDM15, PDM30 - V1.0 or later

  • BR2 - V1.0.6.2 (this software ships with all data logging manager software)

  • DBW4 - V1.03 or later
  • SDC, SDC2, SDC3 - V1.21 or later 
  • MDC - V1.22 or later

  • MDC2 - V2.0 or later
  • LTC - V1.0 or later
  • ADL - V3.20P or later

Note: RTC is not compatible with MoTeC's UTC. Connect to the PC's parallel port instead. If the PC does not have a parallel port MoTeC can configure this device for you.


Connecting to the PC: Parallel (Printer) Port

Use MoTeC's CAN Cable providing parallel connector to CAN connector wiring.





Part No:

MoTeC CAN Cable       

Note: PDM16, PDM32, PDM15, PDM30 and LTC are not compatible with MoTeC's CAN Cable. Connect to the PC's USB port instead.