Serial Logic Level



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Prefabricated Device Wiring: Suitable for PCI Cable

  • For M8, the PCI cable connects directly to the connector on the ECU.

  • For the M4 or the M48 ECUs, a mating connector must be wired to the ECU connector to provide a connection point for the PCI cable.





Part No:

D9 to M4 ECU wiring


Part No:

D9 to  M48 ECU wiring


Prefabricated Device Wiring: Suitable for CIM Module 

The CIM module can be wired to suit different PC connection cables. Typically it is wired to suit a standard serial cable or a MoTeC 4 pin cable. 

The CIM can be wired directly to the ECU or it can be wired to connect to the normal D9 connector as described for the PCI cable above. The latter has the advantage of allowing a Software Update Unit (SUU) to be installed when the ECU software needs updating.