Serial Logic Level


MoTeC provides solutions to connect the device to the PC's serial port or USB port. The simplest connection method is via the PC's serial port, however many modern computers do not have a serial port, in this case use the USB connection method.

Communication hardware and device wiring to connect MoTeC products with a Serial Logic Level port to the PC.

In order to update the software in the ECU or to enter an upgrade password a Software Update Unit (SUU) is required. 

Applicable MoTeC Products

  • M4 with serial number less than 3000

  • M48

  • M8


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Connecting to the PC: USB Port

Create a serial port, using a USB to RS232 serial adapter. Then follow the connection method for a PC with a serial port.





Part No:

 USB to RS232 serial adapter         


Connecting to the PC: Serial Port

Use either a PC Interface cable (PCI cable) or a Computer Interface Module (CIM).

  • PCI cable

    The PCI cable contains electronics in the ECU end of the cable to convert the ECU signals to signals compatible with the serial port on the PC

  • CIM module

    The CIM module is normally installed in the vehicle. This places the electronics in the vehicle rather than in the cable which has the advantage of providing the correct signals to connect directly to a dash or data logger as well as providing a connection point for a PC. The CIM module can be wired to suit different PC connection cables. Typically it is wired to suit a standard serial cable or a MoTeC 4 pin cable.

    The CIM is also available as a kit with all the cables necessary to connect to a PC and the ECU including an intermediate D9 connector to allow connection of an SUU.





Part No:

PCI cable 2 meter

Part No:

CIM Module


Part No:

CIM module kit consisting of:
- CIM module
- CIM car cable
- CIM PC cable