EV / Hybrid


MoTeC provides comprehensive EV/HEV Engineering Services, tailored to each client’s needs. Our team of EV experts take a goal-oriented approach and work collaboratively to design and develop EV control solutions that speed up and simplify the testing and validation process for the clients.

>>MoTeC is a proud Technical Partner to the FC1-X Nitro Rallycross project. Take a look...

Our services include:

  • Defining the required drivetrain power and battery energy;
  • Recommending suitable HV subsystems for the project such as motor, inverter, battery pack and so on;
  • Designing a customised HV Power Distribution Unit; and
  • Providing programming services to design and develop the customised EV supervisory controller.


For more technical information on M1 VCUs as the master supervisory controller, please refer to our Electric Vehicle Application Note.

MoTeC's EV test bench in Melbourne is built with the purpose of facilitating the EV design and development process by providing a platform for testing and performance validation of the full EV drivetrain on the dyno prior to any system setup in the vehicle.



There are three main approaches to engaging with MoTeC and utilising MoTeC products for EV applications, in particular using the M1 VCUs, these being:

  1. MoTeC provides technical support and training on the MoTeC products and software development environment (if needed); while the client develops the full EV solution, including all M1 ECU supervisory controllers programming.
  2. The client and MoTeC collaborate on the development of the required EV control solution.
  3. MoTeC develops the EV integration and control solution for the client in accordance with a client defined system specification.

Please contact MoTeC to discuss your EV project requirements, including technical guidance on how MoTeC products can enable your EV application solution.