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Programming Platform

  • M1 Build is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which is used to generate MoTeC’s M1 VCU Control Packages. M1 Build enables customers to develop solutions, both simple and complex, including making modifications to existing projects to meet specific needs.

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M1 Integration


For use with Simulink®

MoTeC M1 Integration Tool, for use with Simulink® enables the integration of a compiled Simulink® model into an M1 control unit. This feature provides a streamlined pathway from MATLAB® and Simulink® control system development to embedded software for an M1 controller by providing a dedicated MoTeC target to the Simulink® Code Generation..

The M1 Integration Tool is installed in MATLAB® and Simulink® and makes MoTeC custom blocks available through the Simulink® library browser. These custom blocks may be used when developing the model. Compilation of the Simulink® model generates a User Library that can be used within M1 firmware development to assign channels and connect physical I/Os.


  • Intended for firmware development for MoTeC’s M1 ECUs, designed for motorsport.
  • Suitable for development of petrol and diesel engine management systems.
  • Suitable for development of Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Electric Vehicles applications.
  • Enables ECU configuration, analysis and calibration using MoTeC’s M1 Tune software.
  • Allows data visualisation and analysis using MoTeC’s i2 software.
  • Opportunity to develop complete control systems or subsystems for block exchange.


Calibration Platform

  • M1 Tune software provides the link between the M1 Package and the M1 VCU. M1 Tune is used for the configuration, analysis and calibration of M1 firmware. The application allows users to create custom screen layouts that make EV drivetrain calibration faster and easier.

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Data Analysis Software

  • MoTeC’s i2 data visualisation and analysis software has been developed for the use of professional race teams worldwide. It enables comprehensive analysis of logged data using various graphics and maths functions for custom data processing. i2 software has a user friendly graphical interface, with the ability to set up multiple worksheets within a project. The combination of i2 and M1 Tune software provides an effective platform for EV developers to analyse test data and implement optimisation algorithms to improve their EV control solution.

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