M1 Integration Tool


motec m1 integration tool for use with simulink®

Use cases

Develop a complete engine or electric vehicle control system in Simulink® to use with one of MoTeC’s M1 control units.

Develop a control subsystem for a block exchange in an existing M1 Package. For example, replace a complete gear shift module or traction control module in a MoTeC GPR Package with specific control functions that are developed in Simulink®.

Develop a control subsystem to add additional functionality to an existing M1 Package. For example add an electric vehicle control module to an existing MoTeC GPR Package to develop a hybrid vehicle control system.


The M1 Integration Tool is installed in MATLAB® and Simulink® and makes MoTeC custom blocks available through the Simulink® library browser. These custom blocks may be used when developing the model.

Compilation of the Simulink® model generates a User Library that can be used within M1 firmware development to assign channels and connect physical I/Os.

Stateflow® and Multi-rate Simulink® models are supported.

The resulting embedded code can be loaded into one of MoTeC’s M1 controllers and calibrated using M1 Tune software.


The M1 Integration Tool requires:

  • MATLAB® and Simulink® installation (support from version R2019a)
  • Embedded Coder, Simulink® Coder and MATLAB® Coder
  • M1 Build (version or up), MoTeC's development software
  • M1 Tune, MoTeC's calibration software
  • M1 Development Licence (SL)
  • M1 Simulink Activation


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