Engine management system with a fully featured paddle shift controller

The new GPRP firmware has been created to provide customers with a modern, high performance engine management system which incorporates a fully featured paddle shift controller, all in one lightweight unit.

An M1 ECU with GPRP firmware allows customers to convert their traditional manual shift sequential gearbox to a full paddle shift box. It is also able to control a gearbox designed for paddle shift, but in need of a controller.

An M1 ECU with GPRP firmware has many advantages over a traditional ECU with a separate controller. The tight integration of Fuel, Ignition, Throttle, and Actuators allows for a fast, smooth shift.  The system controls all relevant facets of the engine and gearbox synchronously.

The GPRP firmware has all of the features found in our successful GPR firmware, providing high end ECU features and adds complete paddle shift control. GPR firmware details are available on the GPR datasheet.

See details of GPRP features


This ECU can be integrated with other MoTeC products, utilising pre-defined CAN messaging for MoTeC Dash Loggers, E888, V2 , GPS, ADR , BR2 , PDM and SLM.

See it in Action

This Ryan McLeod (Marc Car Australia) car uses all our gear (GPRP and our paddle shift kit). 

what's in the box


  • MoTeC M1 ECU
  • Enable for the MoTeC M1 ECU
  • Firmware Licence (for the GPRP Package)
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hardware variants

  • GPRP-M130: Part# 13130AC
  • GPRP-M150: Part# 13150AC
  • GPRP-M170: Part# 13170AC
  • GPRP-M190: Part# 13190AC

ADDITIONAL HARDWARE (for manual shift conversion)

In addition to a MoTeC GPRP-M1 ECU, you will need a: